Boza X Natural(Fictional Character)

Boza X Natural is a superhero created on (August 1, 2020). The Fictional Character is known for being seen in internet comics over the web.[1] As a male fictional character, he holds abilities such as Super Strength, Speed, Intelligent thinking. Boza X Natural Appeared in his first comic in 2020 titled ”Boza X Natural Issue #1” Which consisted of four pages as a sample comic. fictional characters such as Spider-man, Black Panther, Wolverine, KingPin, Superman and Captain Marvel are similar characters to Boza X Natural.[3] The Character originated from Atlanta Georgia in a Home Studio. American Rapper Blazer Barboza played as Boza x Natural in 2020. The Comic Genre is Superhero and Mystery. The work was Released as a free Issue by Buzzcomics.[2]

Played By


Boza X Natural/Fictional Character.png
Super Power(s): Speed, Intelligent Thinking, Strength, Lightning and  Duration
Occupation: Fictional Character
Known For: Playing in Internet Comics
Parent(s): Blazer Barboza
Played by: Blazer Barboza, Cassius Elison
Origin: Atlanta Georgia
Birthday: August 1, 2020


The Fictional Character is played by Blazer Barboza also Known as Cassius Ellison. A American Rapper, Digital Marketing Manager who resigned to Atlanta Georgia. Boza X Natural Became a member of BOK Productions, Big 4 Music Group and Blazer Barboza in 2020.


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